Sunday, 31 October 2010

Postage and things

Here at Martha's Closet we try very hard to keep costs down for you and us.  Where we can post an item out as a packet (sometimes a small t-shirt for example) we do and we refund you postage.  Where we note you have 2 orders to go out we combine them for you and refund any postage.  We know you appreciate this because you tell us - thank you.  If you really just want that special delivery asap just drop us a line and we'll send it out immediately - no need to spend £7.50 on special delivery if it not really necessary.

Ann's been shopping this month and we are busy putting on new stock - I guess party time is coming around again soon so keep on looking at just in - you never know...

We have had a good response to putting sizes on to the main description - saves you time and avoids disappointment!

What about some handbags for you or for Christmas pressies?  Take a look at this selection below:
Vintage Accessories

Happy browsing

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