Saturday, 16 July 2011


Gosh it seems to have been an age since we added to the blog.  We have been busy buying new stock and preparing changes to the website but thats no excuse!  Seems like Summer is struggling a bit at the moment but we are preparing our Summer newsletter for release this week so look out for it in your email tray.

School holidays start next week which for many of us presents a time of great joy and challenge. 

Anyway - pop along to the special offers page - we have a couple of great bargains which will "sneak" on there soon.  I don't need to remind you of just in but take a look at this Marjon Couture stunner.  Interesting - spot the error?


Monday, 7 March 2011


My what a lovely day it was today.  I guess we can start to dream of throwing off the winter coats and look to warmer times and lighter evenings.  We still have a few bargains from the winter stock and we will add a few more in the next few weeks - keep an eye of the sale page - you never know what's going to appear there.

We have an Argentinian special on just in this week.  A hand made wool poncho all the way from South America is bound to keep someone warm during the cooler spring and even summer evenings.

We are thinking of new things and new ideas - and of course we are thinking what our customers want.  We are always happy to hear your thoughts and suggestions for the site so please please do send us any thoughts you have.

Finally lets hope spring stays with us now and lets wave goodbye to winter for this year at least.

Graham and Ann

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

New Stock

Had quite a successful shopping trip or two over the weekend and can't wait to update the site.  A few items have gone on such as this fabulous Kitty Copeland dress which will leave you starry eyed I am sure! 

Our customers ask us, from time to time, when is the best time to browse the site so they don't miss out?  That's a difficult one to answer - we tend to put stock on when it is ready so there is a constant feed of new clothes (hopefully) to the site.  So it's really a matter of keep on dipping in when you can. If anyone has any ideas of how to improve on this we'd be more than happy to listen. 

All the best for now, oh and don't forget to have a look at Just In.

Friday, 7 January 2011

A new decade

Well we're into a new decade although not quite sure what it will be called.  Anyway the snow is behind some of us but it is still a wintry landscape for many I understand.  The post is back to normal which is a huge relief - we didn't seem to suffer the problems Amazon and Tescos had - and are pleased to report all our orders were met.

We have put a number of items in Special Offers so do take a look and more is promised as we review stock. 

Oh, and take a look at the sleeves on this 70s David Silverman dress - fabulous!  Its just in and still available as I write.  More stock coming in over the next few weeks and more reductions so keep watching.

Graham and Ann

Monday, 13 December 2010

Christmas soon

We are all well into the run up to Christmas I guess - if you haven't yet found something for a loved one there's always the accessories section where you might find a suitable gift at a reasonable price.  But if you are still after something special for yourself over the festive period what about this beautiful 1950s sea green cocktail dress.  Bound to make you feel special.

We hope you have not been too put out by the bad weather - it has been hard in places although not too bad here in Wiltshire.  It does make for a nice seasonal feel and lets face it we all hope it snows on Christmas day don't we?  We have a busy week or so ahead of us here at Martha's Closet but then we shall have a break for Christmas and then start thinking about those New Year sales!

Have fun

Graham and Ann

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Postage and things

Here at Martha's Closet we try very hard to keep costs down for you and us.  Where we can post an item out as a packet (sometimes a small t-shirt for example) we do and we refund you postage.  Where we note you have 2 orders to go out we combine them for you and refund any postage.  We know you appreciate this because you tell us - thank you.  If you really just want that special delivery asap just drop us a line and we'll send it out immediately - no need to spend £7.50 on special delivery if it not really necessary.

Ann's been shopping this month and we are busy putting on new stock - I guess party time is coming around again soon so keep on looking at just in - you never know...

We have had a good response to putting sizes on to the main description - saves you time and avoids disappointment!

What about some handbags for you or for Christmas pressies?  Take a look at this selection below:
Vintage Accessories

Happy browsing

Tuesday, 19 October 2010


Gosh how time passes. Here we are into Autumn already and just a few weeks until the evenings get dark and we baton down the hatches for Winter.  But do not despair - its a beautiful time of year and vintage winter wear can be just as stunning as any time.  Take at look at this coat just put on today
60s Nabre Wool Coat
Lots more stock arriving over the next week or so for you so do take a look when you can.

Finally we are putting a facebook page together.  No reason other than to get some more feedback on what works and what doesn't.  Will keep you updated.

Of course there's still a lot of interest in ball gowns at this time of the year - I love this one:
80s Pure Silk Embellished Evening Gown

Happy browsing