Tuesday, 25 January 2011

New Stock

Had quite a successful shopping trip or two over the weekend and can't wait to update the site.  A few items have gone on such as this fabulous Kitty Copeland dress which will leave you starry eyed I am sure! 

Our customers ask us, from time to time, when is the best time to browse the site so they don't miss out?  That's a difficult one to answer - we tend to put stock on when it is ready so there is a constant feed of new clothes (hopefully) to the site.  So it's really a matter of keep on dipping in when you can. If anyone has any ideas of how to improve on this we'd be more than happy to listen. 

All the best for now, oh and don't forget to have a look at Just In.

Friday, 7 January 2011

A new decade

Well we're into a new decade although not quite sure what it will be called.  Anyway the snow is behind some of us but it is still a wintry landscape for many I understand.  The post is back to normal which is a huge relief - we didn't seem to suffer the problems Amazon and Tescos had - and are pleased to report all our orders were met.

We have put a number of items in Special Offers so do take a look and more is promised as we review stock. 

Oh, and take a look at the sleeves on this 70s David Silverman dress - fabulous!  Its just in and still available as I write.  More stock coming in over the next few weeks and more reductions so keep watching.

Graham and Ann